2020-21 Fall / Winter Makeup Trends – 25+


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3. 2020-21 Fall / Winter Makeup Trends

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25. Fall / Winter Makeup Trends


2020-21 Fall / Winter Makeup Trends, Are you ready for Autumn / Winter? What will be the makeup trends this fall period? How to make up on closed cool days? You can find all of our content in this article.

2020-21 Fall / Winter Makeup Trends

How about learning Autumn and Winter Makeup Trends and stamping your makeup in autumn?

With the arrival of the new season, butterflies began to fly in our stomach! You ask why? Because the new season has come with brand new makeup trends. This autumn makeup will never look like previous seasons, at least in terms of makeup trends. While ready-made fashion weeks are gradually beginning to be on our agenda, we leave you with the newest, smoke-on-makeup 2020-21 Fall / Winter Makeup Trends!

How should the autumn/winter make-up be?

The weather gets cooler and dark tones to begin to prevail. What should be the first step when doing Autumn Makeup?

The time for transition to cool seasons starts to dry. This drying rate is different for each skin. Therefore, it is extremely important to moisten the skin before starting. Starting with a moisturizer suitable for our skin type prevents your skin from looking flaky and dry. I would recommend that a product with sun protection factor always use as a base.

How to Make a Disco Makeup?

Disco Makeup is one of the leading makeup trends of this season! This makeup trend with 80’s breeze, where bright and vibrant eye makeups are combined with lipsticks in vibrant colors, seems to enliven us all as we enter the cold seasons.

Red Lip Makeup Trend

Red Lip Makeup Trend is a makeup trend that has never lost its popularity. This Red lipstick, which suits the summer, spring, and winter seasons, seems to be very trendy this season. If you want to apply this indispensable makeup trend, we have a liquid matte lipstick that feels like it will feel like your own lipstick: it is one of our favorite lipsticks with its thin and permanent structures. The color is perfect for the red lip makeup trend!

Makeup with Bright Lips

Shiny Lips are undeniably sexy because it makes lips look shiny, moist, and well-groomed. Slowly but surely we have seen that bright lips appear more often on both catwalks and Instagram. As a whole, we are pleased to announce that the lips look more juicy and moist with make-up artists who preferred shine and satin finishes to the matte velvety surface of previous years.

Colorful Eyeliner Makeup Trend

Colorful Eyeliner Makeup Trend is another one of the most colorful makeup trends: The Colorful Eyeliner Makeup Trend is becoming more and more popular among the 2020-21 Fall / Winter Makeup Trends. If you want to take a break from the classic black eyeliner makeup and add a bit of vitality to your makeup, you should try the colored eyeliner this season. If you want to apply this makeup trend, you can get help from colored eye pencils or even liquid matte lipsticks!

How to Get Voluminous Lashes?

Bulky Eyelashes are trending this winter too. With longer and fuller-looking lashes, you can make your eyes look bigger and highlight your eye makeup. By using mascara alone, you can make your daily makeup and make a very stylish look.

Although prominent false eyelashes are not very common, there were certainly use of cluster lashes or many mascaras.

How to Make Smoky Eye Makeup with Messy Eyeliner?

So isn’t there anything crazy about the makeup trends of this season? Of course, there is! Eye makeup from last night is also taking its place as a rising makeup trend. If you’re wondering how to keep up with this makeup trend, our answer is simple: let it be messy! You can dispense the eyeliner you drive randomly and give it a smoky effect with brown and black eyeliner.

How to Make a Bronze Skin Makeup?

Your skin is always bronze even though summer is over. Slightly burned skin appearance continues to be a trend this season as well. Instead of completing your makeup with blush, you can choose a bronzer, you can always feel on the skin with the light-burn skin look.

How to Obtain Geometric Volume Lashes?

Whether you need help from false lashes, your eyeliner, or decorative elements: In the 2020-21 Fall / Winter Makeup Trends, one of your focus points will be character lashes. You can get zigzag eyelashes with geometric mascara with your mascara.

How To Make Shine In The Eyes?

It is fun to use some shimmer colors for your make up now and later, but autumn 2020 make-up is much more prominent by the artists, they prefer a lot of shimmers rather than an elegant touch.

Matching the eyes with the lips resulted in the ultra-shine makeup to suit many large, ultra-feminine dresses. Along with more models, various colors of headlights were used on eyebrow covers and glitter nails, and glittery lips.

In some models, it was also unique because it was applied around the naked face glow and shimmering eye area. The metallic shimmer eyeshadow was combined with a neutral face, so the entire focus could be in the drama on the eyes. The effect was the kingdom of Ancient Egypt, especially when combined with draped printed dresses. For a light touch, a golden glitter touch over the eyes is the best example.

Makeup with Pink and Purple Eyeshadow

In the 2020-21 Fall / Winter Makeup Trends options, soft tones such as pink and purple are the most commonly used eyeshadow colors. Often this season catwalks avoided excessive femininity, so it was one of the few ways artists should play with soft, girly makeup styles.

GoldenEye Makeup

A little gold eye makeup is a sure way to look more glamorous. For the 2020-21 Fall / Winter Makeup Trends, golden eyes were definitely, but there was also a little detail about them. Gold is often combined with dark and smoky outer corners and wrinkles, and large and bold evening looks.

Extreme Winged Black Primer

I wish it would be more available about the total black eyeliner creams and fluids used in the autumn catwalks. This was due to the exaggerated use of one of the 2020-21 Fall / Winter Makeup Trends, uniquely applied eyeliner, to extreme lengths or the entire lid.

Creative Striped Eye Makeup

A few lines placed over a simple or natural makeup look are probably the most “fashion” way to apply makeup. It’s a quick look editorial rather than wearable, so make-up artists continue to design new ones. During this season, many lines were applied along or above the eye socket, that is, on or above the wrinkle.

Makeup With Colorful Mascara

Appearing as part of the makeup trends of the fall of 2020, the Color Mascara was not refined, it was almost black, wrapped in the blues and purples you expected. The colorful mascara was on the face of her bright and rather than wearable, fashion makeup as it should be sometimes.

Wine Lips Trend

When Pantone chooses both Biking Red and Merlot for the autumn 2020 color trends, it’s no surprise that a change in these dark wine red shades will also appear on the lips of various models in different fashion weeks.

Stained Lip Trend

“Smudged” or “blooming” lip, which is very popular in Asian beauty, is like an ombre lip antidote that is very popular on Instagram. This method of applying the lipstick, which concentrates the lipstick in the middle of the lip and stains outward, creates an attractive, pleasant “just kissed” effect, especially in models with already lush lips.

Luminous Lilac Eyeshadows Fashion

Luminous and Colorful Eyeshadows are carried to 2020. Purple and lilac may be the color of 2018 but this is not valid for makeup! This year, purple and lilac are at the forefront. You will resemble fairy tales with sparkly and lilac eyes that add a romantic atmosphere to your style.

Feather Combing Eyebrows

In the early 2000s, smooth eyebrows such as thin and pencil were fashionable. Now we see the opposite. In 2020, when we entered a new decade, we see the effect of Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows. You can get feather combing and messy eyebrows with mascaras and eyebrows.

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