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2020 makeup trends, We face many innovations in 2020. Every event that takes place in social life definitely has a counterpart in human life. Yes, this also applies to makeup. Let’s see what are the reflections on the trends?

2020 Makeup Trends

2020 Makeup trends; Makeup trends are constantly changing. So how long can you keep up with this change? We have compiled makeup trends in 2020 for you.

Strobing Makeup

Strobing makeup, also known as wet-looking skin makeup, was the most curious trend of this year. The bright makeup made by the celebrities, one of the pioneers of this makeup trend, attracts attention on the red carpet. The strobing technique applied to the point where the eyebrow and cheekbones are tied will obviously be talked about in 2020.

What is Strobing Makeup?

Strobing is to add dimension to the face with fully illuminating instead of contours. The strobing technique creates a completely sparkling and wet look, so it is a very suitable makeup technique for the summer.

How is strobing makeup done?

In Strobing makeup, we first clean and moisturize our face. Then we drive on the eyeshadows, which will add brightness and shine to the eyelids. Then, we curl the lashes a little and clean them with a brush, and lightly powder them all over the face. With a tough and clear black mascara, we give eyelashes fullness, thus giving the eyes a deep and meaningful expression.

Then, we lighten to add a little bit of vitality and sparkle to the custody. Then we apply our contour, one of the indispensable parts of correct makeup. We color the cheekbones with blushes in vibrant colors suitable for our skin color. Then we apply a shine to the lips. It takes 5 minutes and a little color to look stylish, colorful, and well-groomed daily.

Wet 2020 Makeup Trends

The wet makeup trend increases its popularity day by day. Not only wet skin makeup but also wet eye makeup and wet-looking lips have become very popular this year.

How to Make Wet Makeup?

This year, makeup artists have tried many eye makeup, from pastel tones to jewel-bright eyes. But the winner was definitely bright eyes. If you want to get this eye makeup that celebrities also use very often, after applying the transparent lip gloss to the eyelids, you should apply the tonal eye shadow you chose. That’s it!

Contours application

Contour application, which highlights the areas of your face that you want to emphasize, became popular again towards the end of 2019. This makeup technique, which is also used by celebrities, was loved by everyone in a short time.

This process, which is shaded its temples, hairline, under the cheekbones, and chin bone with a dark-colored foundation or contour palette, will continue to attract attention in the coming days. Of course, you should not forget to apply some makeup before making contours.

How to apply contours to the face?

While applying your contours, you can bring your lips to the front side by making fish to determine the location of the bottom of your cheekbone, and you can apply it in a thin line without pressing too much from your cheek to the place where your hair starts. This movement will reveal and reveal your cheekbones.

Contour Practice: Chin Pointed

If you want your chin to look more pointed, you can apply it lightly to the bottom and edges of the jawbone and distribute it.

Contour Practice: Make Your Nose Look Smaller

If you want to make your nose look smaller, you can apply it in a thin line on the right and left sides of your nose, and if you want it to stand up, you can gently tap and spread it over the tip of your nose.

2020 Makeup Trends: Eyebrow shaping

Eyebrow shaping made a very fast introduction to 2020 makeup trends. This eyebrow makeup trend, which is especially liked by those with thick eyebrows, introduced thin eyebrows with eyebrow shadow, eyebrow pencil, and eyebrow mascara. If you have thin eyebrows too, you can fill the gaps with an eyebrow pencil and give it a natural and thick look.

2020 Makeup Trends: Metallic Makeup

Metallic makeup was one of the years when the metallic revolution was felt most intensely in 2020. For eye makeup, metallic lips and metallic lipstick are some of the most asked questions!

When making metallic makeup, you should definitely use products that are suitable for the skin color, and balance the metallic products correctly in your makeup.

What is Metallic Makeup?

Metallic makeup is the application of metallic reflections and shines to the face. For this, metallic makeup materials are used. What are these? Metallic eyeshadow palette can be metallic reflective headlights, lipsticks, and blushes.

But since it will be an exaggerated look to use it all together, it would be correct to use this makeup style on only one part of the face. You just need to apply this makeup style to your lips, skin, or eyes.

How to Make Metallic Makeup?

First, start the makeup with the base so that the bright headlights and illuminator stick to your face. After applying the base, apply a shiny glossy foundation all over your face. Then apply a cream-shaped metal eyeshadow with a fine brush over your entire eyelid. Apply an intense mascara to all your lashes.

Apply eyeliners just to your lash bottom. Instead of using pink blush in metallic makeup, you should only use bronzer. After filling your eyebrows naturally, comb upwards and you can apply bright lipstick in natural tones.

Makeup With Highlighter

2019 was the year of illuminators! We achieved brighter and more vivid looks with wet-looking skin make-up, which makes the facial contours clear. I think this trend will continue in 2020 and you better shop for illuminating it!

How Do I Apply Highlighter?

When applying highlighter; You can apply it on your cheekbone, distribute it in the middle of the contoured edges of your nose, brighten the lower part of your eyebrows and the middle part of your forehead, and apply it on the lip if you want your lips to look fuller.

Finally, if you want your process to be more permanent, you can go over it with a transparent powder.

2020 Makeup Trends: Rose Gold Makeup

Those who love live looks can look energetic and dynamic with rose gold makeup! Rose gold makeup style was one of the most innovative makeup styles of this year. You should use peach and pink shades for this make-up style that suits especially fair skin.

Liquid Matte Lipsticks

Although we winked in glossy lipsticks in 2020 makeup trends we did not give up liquid matte lipstick. We will continue to color our lips with liquid matte lipsticks.

How To Fix Liquid Matte Lipstick Error?

Since liquid matte lipsticks are very permanent, it can be a bit difficult to fix when we make a mistake or carry it. Although framing the lips with a pencil is a method, liquid matte lipsticks with a pointed applicator do not need to use the lip pencil.

Les Chocolats and Les macarons ultra liquid matte lipsticks from L’Oréal Paris also have these arrow-shaped applicators. In other words, it is very easy to apply flawless matte lipstick without the need for a lip pencil. All you have to do is start from the middle part of your lips, create the frame, and fill the empty parts in the last step.

How to Clean Matte Lipstick?

Matte lipsticks have been the favorite make-up of many of us since the first day they came out. It is one of the biggest reasons that we do not miss matte lipsticks from our bag. But it is a little difficult to remove matte lipsticks from the lip. With a few small tips, we can gently remove your matte lipstick without damaging your lip.

How to Clean Matte Lipstick with Cream-Based Cleaner?

The first way to remove your matte lipstick is to use a cream-based, soft-textured makeup remover. Matte lipsticks can cause the lips to dry out. If you try to clean your lipstick with a wet wipe, you will irritate your lips.

How to Clean Matte Lipstick with Vaseline?

If you don’t have a cream-based cleanser, don’t worry. There are many other alternatives. One of them is Vaseline. Apply some petroleum jelly to your lips and wait a few minutes. Then wipe your lipstick with soft and circular movements with a cotton swab.

How to Clean Matte Lipstick with Natural Oils?

Another method is to get help from natural oils. Coconut oil or olive oil will work. In this way, you will nourish your lips while cleaning your lipstick.

2020 Makeup Trends: Bronze Makeup

Summer makeup trends, look here! One of our favorite 2020 makeup trends was eye makeup in bronze and red shades. Eye makeup hazel in bronze tones suits the eyes very well. When you want to emphasize the color of the eyes, you can make up in bronze tones and draw attention to your eyes with the red eyeshadow.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Foundation for Bronze Skin

The first and most important aspect of having a gorgeous look is to choose the right foundation shade. Since your skin tone is now bronze, that is dark, of course, you should avoid lighter foundations that do not match your skin tone in any way. Ivory, light beige colors are not recommended for nude makeup.

You should not prefer too dark ones. It makes you look even more brunette. Choosing between foundation color (light brown ones) that will be more compatible with your skin is the first step to using the right technique. It will blend easily into your skin and create a smooth and colorful tone on your face.

How to Apply Eye Makeup for Bronze Skin?

When your skin is tanned for bronze eye makeup, you can easily have smoky and attractive eyes. Choose a black eyeliner, mascara, and golden eyeshadow to highlight your eyes. Never buy blue, green, dark pink or similar bright eyeshadow. If the colors you prefer more are listed now, you will get a more beautiful look. Dark brown, milk brown, champagne, copper, brown coffee, coral-oriented coffee…

How to Use Lightening for Bronze Skin?

I can say that illuminators are the best to create a final touch to your look in bronze makeup. Apply the illuminator in areas with cheekbones, above your lips and on your nose. They will add an extra sparkle to your face.

Lip Makeup for Bronze Skin

You should of course nourish your lips and protect them from the sun for normal makeup along with bronze skin makeup. With your bronze skin, you can easily get bright colored lipsticks like red, orange, or coral.

2020 Makeup Trends: Pastel Makeup

In 2020, healthy, moist, color-balanced skins are in trend! You can put strobing, baking, and contour ingredients on the shelf for a while. With this trend, you can draw attention with the eye makeup in pastel tones while your skin is breathing.

What is pastel makeup?

Pastel makeup is an unpretentious makeup that uses light shades and provides a natural look.

What does pastel makeup do?

Pastel makeup helps your face look softer and innocent.

How to do pastel eye makeup?

If you cover the color differences around the eyes with concealer, your eye makeup will look better. Since pale colors are already used in pastel makeup, you’re under eye bruises that will make your face look unhealthy. You can complete pastel makeup with black mascara and understated eyeliner.

2020 Makeup Trends: Nude Makeup

If you are one of those who use make-up products for multiple purposes, this trend is for you. You can apply the nude makeup trend by choosing your lipstick in nude shades with blush or eye shadow or using it as a blush and eye shadow!

What is Nude Makeup?

Nude makeup isn’t meant to have a no-makeup look or to look like you’ve just washed your face. This type of makeup nourishes the face not to give a distinctive color. If you examine a little, you will notice that your skin is always sparkling and always looking natural.

This is due to the fact that this type of makeup gives structure to the face. This is the difference between natural makeup. While natural makeup is applied in color even in bright and light shades, nude makeup does not give color to the skin.

How to Make Nude Makeup?

People who want to wear nude make-up should know their bodies well and prefer shades close to them. Avoid messy shades and use effective colors that best reflect your skin. How is it applied? First of all, your face is your most important part. You should take good care of it and take care of it.

Start by washing and moisturizing your face beautifully. After that, it will come to the foundation application. The foundation you prefer should not be dark colors, it should be bright tones. The roughness on the face should be removed in this way and concealer should be used. To ensure that your make-up fits, powder application should be started in the same tones. It should be distributed evenly in all areas of the face.

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