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Bridal makeup trends of 2020, Wedding is the most important moment that decorates every young girl’s dream. Of course, all women want to be the most beautiful bride of the world in these beautiful days. We have compiled the most valuable trends for you.

Bridal Makeup Trends of 2020

Bridal Makeup Trends of 2020, What are the bridal makeup trends in 2020? Which makeup model should be preferred at the wedding? Which makeup model should I choose according to my face type? Learn about makeup models that will complement your wedding dress in the most beautiful way.

Romantic Bridal Makeup

Romantic Bridal Makeup is one of the 2020 trends. And if you are planning to be a romantic bride, you can also choose the bride makeup in soft pink tones that suits your style. You are able to use the shade of pink that suits your skin on your eyes and cheekbones. You can also choose a peachy lipstick for your lips if you want. To add a more vivid and fresh look to your face, you shouldn’t forget to use illuminators in cheekbones, chin, and eye springs.

Rockstar Bridal Makeup

Rockstar Bridal Makeup is ambitious and different designs are among the 2020 wedding dress trends. As such, it was inevitable that ambitious makeup in punk bridal hair and gold tones were among the 2020 bridal hair and makeup trends. The ambitious eye make-up, framed with dark eyeliner and bright eyeshadow, comes to attract all the eyes on the brides by integrating with the radiant skin. Gold tones will be more suitable for auburn and blonde bride candidates, and the preference of brunette bride candidates for silver tones will create a more harmonious look with their skin colors.

Soft Bridal Makeup

Soft bridal makeup is preferred, but not too pretentious but elegant colors such as brown tones, peach shades, lilac, and purple shades. Sharp contours and overfilled eyebrows are not preferred for makeup. Again, false eyelashes are not preferred in bridal eye makeup samples in such makeup models. On the lips, dark tones like red or plum are avoided.

Bridal Makeup with Red Lipstick

Don’t think if there will be red lipstick bridal makeup. Among the most beautiful bridal makeup models of 2020, red lipsticks are at the forefront. With only a little detail: We are not talking about bright reds. These shades that we mentioned in 2020 bridal makeup trends are matte reds. This makeup is a good option for those who are considering matte bridal makeup at their wedding.

In addition, other shades of dark shade, plum, and cold coffee are also considered. Preferring bright tones instead of matte will also be a disadvantage in photo shoots. If you want to use both red lipstick and maintain naturalness, you can leave the emphasis only on the lips with your light eye makeup and peachy blush.

Like No Bridal Makeup

The preference of the brides who say, “The most beautiful bridal makeup is plain” will be “as if there is none” among the newest bridal makeup options in 2020. You can cover the skin’s imperfections with the tones closest to your skin. And achieve a lively look by using natural tones lipstick and eyeshadow.

Monochrome Pink Bridal Makeup

Those who love simplicity in makeup but still want to look alive and dynamic. Monochrome pink bridal makeup appeals to you. In bridal makeup models of 2020, monochrome bridal make-up is a very suitable option for bride candidates who say that I do not give up naturalness.

The monochromatic make-up technique consists of choosing and applying products such as blush, foundation, and eyeshadow in single color shade. Cold pink, powder pink, and peach pink are among the most preferred colors in this make-up. Factors to be considered in monochrome bridal makeup: It is something that we do not want to create contrast in monochrome makeup.

Things to Watch Out For Pink Bridal Makeup

Other important details to be considered in monochrome pink bridal makeup are hidden in the eye part of our makeup. If the correct and some tricks are applied without forgetting, the most beautiful bride can be an example of eye makeup. First of all, the detailed tonal selection you should consider.

You need to choose a shade of pink that suits your skin. In brown and blond, many shades of pink will adapt. But warmer shades of pink should be preferred in brunette makeup. Another factor that we need to pay attention to apart from brunette; brown hair and the blonde is the value of our subcutaneous tone.

Plain Bridal Makeup

Here are a full country and beach wedding bridal makeup. The products that should be used in bridal makeup for you are soft colors that are absolutely compatible with the skin color. For example, earthy shades, pale pink, or peach shades will suit you. The trick to this makeup technique is that you know how much you need to apply makeup to the eyes, cheeks, and lips.

While you want to be simple, you should not skip being remarkable. For your eye makeup, you can apply pink shade, brown shade eyeliner, and a strong mascara. In this way, you bring your eyes to the fore a little. What you need to pay attention to here is that your lips should stay in the background. That’s why I recommend you to choose lipstick for bridal makeup.

If you want your face to look natural; apply the blush to the cheekbones, forehead, and tip of your nose with a big brush, you will look great!

Exaggerated Bridal Makeup

Let’s take the bride candidates who want to be glamorous, stylish, and a bit extravagant. After all, you get married once, don’t you? I am sure that it will look quite stunning with its ambitious bridal makeup.

The intensive make-up application can be quite risky unless done by a professional make-up artist or if you don’t know the make-up techniques well. The best example of extravagant makeup is actually gothic makeup. If you want to be a gothic bride, you should paint your eyes and lips in dark color and leave your skin tone in light tones.

Perhaps you want a little bit of normal and gothic style. I suggest you use darker tones by lightening them a bit.

Porcelain Bridal Makeup

Porcelain make-up, which is one of the most preferred make-up types of brides, is actually not suitable for every type of wedding dress. Generally, porcelain makeup is known to be applied to people who want to look smooth on the face. However, since heavy concealers are used during porcelain make-up, it should not be preferred.

Despite this, many brides wear porcelain make-up, exclusively for the wedding day. First of all, it is useful to say that this type of make-up is not much for spring or summer weddings. Porcelain makeup is a type of makeup that is ideal for winter weddings. For example, the strapless wedding dress model preferred for the winter wedding can be combined with porcelain makeup. But there is a point to be considered here. Since you are in the winter season, it will be useful to buy a bolero or a stylish elegant jacket over your strapless wedding dress.

Here your porcelain makeup should be in a color compatible with the bolero or jacket you put on. Long sleeves, lace, or button-down wedding gowns are also ideal for porcelain makeup. Also, tulle fabric wedding gowns are also a suitable option for this makeup model. Dark eye makeup is generally used in porcelain makeup.

Since the makeup is heavy, the type of wedding dress should be simpler. In addition, porcelain makeup can achieve harmony with satin detailed wedding dress types. However, if you prefer your wedding dress preference to a satin detailed wedding dress, your porcelain makeup should be a little softer. That is, the harmony of lighter brown or dark coffee and colors such as orange, yellow, and black should be in the foreground.

How to Apply Bridal Eye Makeup?

We recommend applying half eyeliner to make your eyes stand out in bridal makeup. Half eyeliner application will make your eyes look more slanted and prominent. To do this, start with a thin eyeliner, starting from the middle of the lower and upper eyelashes, towards the end of the eyelashes. Complete your eye makeup by thickening your eyeliner step by step.

How to Make Professional Wedding Makeup?

For a perfect make-up application, a professional make-up technique is required. Where and when to use makeup is just as important as the right makeup technique. For example, wearing night makeup during the day or using exaggerated makeup in an unsuitable place will not be a pleasant effect.

The most basic feature that distinguishes wedding makeup from other makeup is also revealed here. Bridal makeup is not separated day and night. You should look flawless from early morning to late at night. Therefore, it is important how you want to see yourself, not the softness or exaggeration of your makeup.

How should the bridal makeup be?

With Bridal Makeup, every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day. I’m sure you want it too. It is possible to look the way you imagine with the right wedding dress, the right hair, and the right makeup.

First of all, I assume that you have found a wedding dress suitable for your body type. Since you have found your wedding dress, you have more or less determined your hairstyle. So, how should wedding makeup be? Knowing the shape of the face is very important for the correct application of the makeup technique.

Therefore, first of all, I will help you by mentioning the suitable makeup techniques for face types and each face type.

How Should Bridal Makeup Be For Oval Face Shape?

If you have an oval face shape, the first thing I have to say is how lucky you are. You should know that many women use their makeup techniques to create an oval face type of illusion. What you should avoid is creating angular lines that will distort your ovality.

You should apply the contour technique using the illuminator mainly. Forehead, nose, lip, and chin lightening areas.

How Should Bridal Makeup Be For Round Face Shape?

If you have a rounded jaw, a narrow, or vice versa, and face shape in which the width is wider than its length, then you’re in a round face type. What you need to do is balance the roundness of your face with makeup. To do this, you need to highlight the cheekbones and apply the shading makeup technique.

The point to be considered here is that shading is done proportionally. You can also show your face long by drawing attention to your eyes and lips.

How to Apply Bridal Make Up for Square Face Shape?

Wide cheekbones and square chin structure include you in the square face shape group. Since the facial features are angular, I recommend you to use a foundation that is two tones darker than the skin color.

If you want me to explain the application technique in more detail, you should apply the foundation just below the cheekbones, the edges of the nose area, and the corner of the chin. Use blush from cheekbones to your temples and apply lipstick more intensely to your upper lip. Thus, your face will appear longer than it will soften the appearance of the square.

How Should Bridal Makeup Be For Rectangular Face Shape?

If the length of your face is wide and you have angular face lines, you are a candidate with a rectangular face type. First of all, I must say that it has a very hard look. Therefore, our aim should be to show your face soft, short, and oval.

With a two-tone dark foundation and two-tone lightening from skin color, we should draw the focal point in the middle of the face. The technique of application should be to apply the dark concealer to the forehead and chin tip along the scalp and apply the lightening from the cheekbones to the middle of the face.

How to Apply Bridal Makeup for Heart Face Shape?

If the lower part of your face is narrow and the upper part is wide, you have a heart face shape. For this face type, it is beneficial not to be alien to the inverted triangle shape definitions. I suggest keeping the blush use to a minimum as much as possible, as I think it is not necessary to over tighten the appearance of the dislocated cheekbones.

You should also narrow your forehead with shading technique and apply a lipstick that will make your lips look fuller than they are. I recommend matte colors like lipstick color.

Check out the other articles that we think will be useful for wedding makeup models. And you’ll follow our high-resolution bridal makeup models here.



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