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Candy Cane Eyeliner Trend, the summer excitement has already begun to reflect on the makeup trends! Desserts are one of the first things that come to our mind when it comes to summer! The colorful candies served everywhere are one of the symbols of the New Year’s excitement for us!

In the middle of 2020, we encountered interesting or interesting makeup trends. Makeup bloggers, who apply red sugar sticks to eye makeup, hit us at home with this trend. With this style known as Candy Cane Makeup Trend, you can be the most eye-catching on New Year’s Eve or summer parties. We think it’s worth trying!

Candy Cane Makeup Trend

Candy Cane Makeup Trend is very easy to apply this trend that will suit concept parties! If you complain about the lack of painting skills, you can first start the eye makeup by sketching the candy stick. Sketch the candy stick on the tail of the eyeliner. Later, you can paint it inside red or white if you wish.

For a more realistic look, we recommend painting it in white. Paint the inside of the outline in white. Thanks to this liquid headlight with sparkles in it, the eye will adapt to the New Year’s spirit. Finally, you can decorate the eye makeup by drawing red stripes around the candy stick. After decorating the candy stick with red eyeliner, you can also apply red eyeliner to the eyelash bottoms and achieve integrity in eye makeup.

How to Make Candy Cane Makeup?

First, take the tattoo – cream palette of eyeshadow. Remember, there must be red, green, and white colors inside. In the first step, we will use the headlight, but this will not be the classic way. Divide your eyelids into 3 equal parts using the white eyeliner pencil and drawing downward lines.

Fill these compartments that you prepared in the second step with green, red white or the like cream eyeshadow colors. You can even choose your headlight from silvery, metallic headlights instead of opaque colors. In the third step, apply a shiny stamp or stone paste to your temples. You can also make your Candy Cane makeup by adding pigment paint to your liquid illuminator. For example, apply a piece of the illuminator and a piece of pink pigment paint to your cheeks, on your cheek tops. This way, you will have blushes in the style that suits your candy can makeup and your cheeks will shine pink and pink.

Candy Cane Eye Makeup Applied For Which Special Day?

Candy Cane Makeup will be the star of Christmas parties. The new year undoubtedly means new hopes, new decisions, and a new image. It is important to create an elegant and beautiful image while preparing for that night. If you have started to think about what your Christmas makeup will be like with the number of new years, we will give you a Christmas makeup proposal that will make you the star of the night!

How to Add Shimmer to Candy Cane Makeup For Eye?

You can use glittering headlights and metallic pigments when applying the candy bar trend. These colors, which suit the summer spirit, will instantly make you the star name of the party. You should use pigments not only in your eyes but also in strobing makeup. You can make your cheekbones shine brightly by adding some pigment in the liquid illuminator. It is okay to go a little bit out of line for conceptual makeups made only at parties and special events.

How to Complete Candy Cane Eye Makeup with Volume Lashes?

We have a great suggestion for voluminous eyelashes worthy of assertive eye makeup! You can separate your lashes one by one and fill them with volume. Our favorite feature of this mascara is that it continues to separate the lashes without clumping even when it is applied in layers. For this reason, you can achieve an assertive result by applying two or three layers of mascara when you want an intense lash look on special occasions.

The right mascara application:

First of all, apply the mascara from under the lashes to the ends and apply them. As you turn your mascara, the brush of the mascara will go one by one between your lashes and make your lashes evenly plump. When you do this process twice, you can reach the ideal result.

Which Color Lipstick Should Be Preferred For Candy Cane Makeup?

If you say what color lipstick we can choose for Candy Cane Makeup, this is absolute; Red lipstick! Red lipstick is one of the only symbols of femininity. However, the wrongly applied red lipstick can cause a bad look. We explain the tricks of applying red lipstick!

Before moving on to applying red lipstick, you should choose the shade of red that is ideal for yourself beforehand. After determining the tone, you need to decide whether it will be matte or glossy. If these two steps are okay, now we can move on to the tricks of applying red lipstick.

How to Apply Red Color Lipstick?

As with any lipstick application, you should create a smooth base for lipstick before applying the red lipstick. With the help of the lip moisturizer, you need to make sure that you moisturize your lips thoroughly. One of the most important rules of applying red lipstick is to use a lip pencil with the same tone as the lipstick color you choose.

After applying your lipstick, now it’s time to perfect the look! Don’t worry if you’re wearing lipstick or lip liner; You can apply the lip pencil suitable for the skin color to align your lips and remove the imperfections. Also, applying a pencil in skin color makes your lips more prominent. Here is a super beauty secret!

Now that you have mastered red lipstick, are you ready to dazzle with your lip makeup?

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