Cookies Policy

Cookies policy, cookies are used on our websites for a range of reasons, which you can find out beneath. The cookies that we use, do not store in my opinion identifiable statistics and they are not able to harm your device. We want our website to be informative, personal, and as user-friendly as possible, and cookies help us obtain this goal. 

  1. How We Use Cookies

By visiting our website, you settle to the use of cookies and other technologies detailed on this policy. Some customers admire that they will like extra individual control over their visits to our internet site and might modify the settings as a result. You may see the whole thing about it in the part “checking and deleting cookies”. In case you do no longer comply with such use, please keep away from the usage of the internet site.

  1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file and holds a few facts that our website can send on your browser. It can then be stored on your laptop’s hard drive and accessed by using our web server. This cookie data may be retrieved later and allows us to appropriate our internet pages and services hence. Its miles critical to provide an explanation for that cookies do now not acquire any personal records stored on your hard drive or computer.

  1. How do we use cookies?

We use two analysis packs to frequently develop your browsing revel in on our websites.

Depended on partners consisting of DoubleClick assist us to serve advertising and analytics businesses like Google Analytics, and can also area cookies to your device. Please examine our privacy policies to make certain that you are glad about the way you use cookies. Cookie Analytics

  1. Social Media third-birthday celebration Cookies?

Occasionally we are able to embed video content from other social media sites like YouTube or Facebook to enrich the content of our website. As an end result, while you visit a web page with embedded content, you could be served with cookies from those websites. Qws has no control or liability over this set of cookies, so you must test the cookie policy of the respective third-celebration for more information.

We also offer a sharing web page widget on a number of web pages, in which content can be without difficulty shared on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn on the following sites. Those web sites can also set a cookie whilst you log into their services. QS has no manage or legal responsibility for this set of cookies so that you have to take a look at the cookie policy of the respective third party for more information.

  1. How to test and delete cookies?

QS, doesn’t use cookies to acquire personally identifiable data approximately about you. However, in case you choose to disable, deny, or block our cookies, a few components of our web sites will not work completely or in some cases will no longer be available to our internet site at all.

Cookies Policy Updated: June 20, 2020