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With perfect lip makeup, you should learn the steps you should not forget to get all the attention!

Peeling & Moisturizing Application For Lips

Peeling and moisturizing application is one of the indispensable things in the evening makeup is crimson lips! One of the times when red color suits best, we should first smooth our lips to evaluate this opportunity with a perfect lip makeup!

Before starting our lip makeup, we apply to peel on our lips as a first step to get rid of the dry look. If you don’t have a special peeling for your lips, you can use a mixture of brown sugar and honey. Do not forget to moisturize your lips well after peeling. Your red lipstick will look perfect on its soft and smooth lips!

What is Lip Peeling and What Does It Do?

Lip Peeling is a simple but effective type of care that we can do with peeling masks that can be easily prepared at home with a variety of materials that are always available in everyone’s home, by removing dead cells from the skin, which is the standard skin peeling we know.

What Does Lip Peeling Do?

People who do not have lip peeling at certain intervals and have wrinkled, chapped lips will not get enough efficiency from the appearance of the makeup materials applied to the lips as well as the discomfort they may experience due to the dryness of the lips.

In particular, women who love to wear dark lipstick should aim to reach smooth lips by occasionally applying peeling on their lips at regular intervals, even if possible, by accelerating the peeling of worn and cracked skin by peeling.

How to Choose the Right Lipstick?

By making the right choice, you can do perfect lip makeup. A permanent liquid matte lipstick will be eye-catching. You can apply this lipstick once and then forget its existence!

How to Choose Lipstick for Light-Skinned Women?

Light Skinned Women can especially choose pink and coral shades when choosing a lipstick. Women with fuller lips can choose darker shades predominantly.

How To Choose Lipstick For Women With Wheat Skin Color?

Women with Wheat Skin Color, red-pink, tile, shades of orange can be preferred. Nude tones are among the colors that wheat skins can use both day and night.

How To Choose Lipstick For Those With Dark Skin Color?

Those with Dark Skin Color should stay away from light shades. They can use every shade of brown. This use will be more natural and skin-compatible. Brunette women with thin lips should prefer more nude shades. Brunette women with full lips can use red, burgundy, or even darker colors.

Choosing the Right Lipstick for Pale Tinted Lips

While pale-skinned prefer peaches, pink and even pale beige, dark-skinned people should prefer warmer tones with brown. All in all, you can also balance your pale lips with dramatic, smokey eyes.

How to Make Pale Colored Lips Look More Effective?

After applying the matte colored base color, apply an iridescent color eye shadow on your lips. It will give a more elegant shine than shine.

Selection of Lipstick Color Suitable for Hair Color

Pale skinned reds should prefer beige or apricot color. Blondes that do not easily tan should choose coral or pink shades. Brown-skinned brunettes need red tints. Those whose skin and hair are dark should choose something in gold tones.

How to Use the Lip Liner for Perfect Lip Makeup?

The use of Lip Liner is of great importance for perfect lip makeup. First, start by carefully framing your lips with a lip pencil of the same color as your lipstick. If you want to increase the opacity and permanence of the lipstick, you can paint all your lip with a lip pencil. Our preference for lipstick is the lip pencils that we have been using with excitement and love recently. Thanks to the structure of soft-tip pens, it is great to apply easily without drying the lip!

How to Fill Your Lips with a Lip Liner?

If you want your lips to look fuller, you can frame your lips by carrying them lightly from the lip edges with a nude tones lip liner. Framing the lip edges with the same dimensions while carrying them lightly to the edges will help to have a more natural look. While you are enlarging your lips with lip liner, you should carry it lightly without exaggerating.

What is the Effect of Lip Pencil on Dark Lipsticks?

If you are going to apply a red, burgundy, or black lipstick, first framing the lipstick with the same color lip pencil will make the lips much more effective. First of all, you can frame your lips with lip liner and apply your lipstick.

Does Lip Liner Protect Smudge of Lipstick?

Smearing the lip of the lipstick will not make it look nice. If you want a perfect lipstick application, you can complete your lip makeup by choosing a pencil in shades suitable for your lipstick.

Applying Lipstick with Brush

You can try to apply lipstick on the lip evenly and to apply a much sharper application with the lipstick brush. Especially when we come to the lip edges, we usually pour cold sweat, but since we started using a brush on lip makeup, we have left this problem behind, and you should definitely try it!

How To Remove Lipstick Excession?

After applying your lipstick, you can also remove any excess on your lip and get a completely opaque and flawless look. For this, you can press a napkin very lightly on your lips. The method of closing the napkin between the lips can prevent your lipstick from appearing evenly, so it is important to do it only with slight bumper movements.

How to Clean the Smudged Lipstick?

One of the most ingenious parts of applying lipstick is to paint the inside of the lip properly. The more lipstick comes into the lip, the more likely the teeth are to be lipstick. Since we never wanted this image, we’ll suggest a practical way: gently pull your index finger straight out from the middle of your lips. So no matter how long you put in the lipstick, you will clear the excess that can get on your teeth.

Perfect Lip Makeup with Concealer

Now we have come to a professional step: While we mostly miss this step in our daily makeup, we are talking about a special night makeup! To achieve flawless red lips, you can also make your frame flawless with the concealer after applying your lipstick. Take a very small amount of concealer to the fine-tipped concealer brush and apply it around your lips. Once you get a sharp and flat lip line, your red lipstick will look perfect!

What is the Effect of Using Lightning on the Lips?

The lighters we need the most after red lipstick in this New Year’s makeup are the illuminators! You can size your lips by applying the illuminator applied on the cheekbones with a tiny brush on the upper part of your lips. Your lips will look glamorous with both a slight glow. Choose a lightener that suits your skin color, and don’t forget to apply it on both the lip and cheekbones and over your nose!

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