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Strobing Makeup Technique is in our hands to show even more brilliantly with our skin strobing technique, which shines based on the authority given to us by the sunny weather in the summer months! If you have been chasing more vivid and shining makeup recently, you will love the shining skin makeup with strobing technique!

What is the Strobing Technique? Why is it Done?

Strobing Technique is the name of the technique used to achieve a more natural, moist, and brighter skin appearance by strengthening the areas that light naturally hits on your face with the help of a lightening/highlighter.

With Which Products is Strobing Used?

Since the purpose of Strobing Makeup is not to show your face silvery-shiny, you should use a product that can provide a natural shine. Avoid sparkles. Use a product suitable for the skin type. If your skin is oily, you should use liquid form brighteners for a more matte look instead of powder form brighteners.

Choose a color that matches your skin color. Lightening in cold tone on dark skin and lightening in warm tones on light skin causes an artificial appearance. Therefore, you should choose colors that emphasize the undertone of the skin color.

How is Strobing Makeup Made?

Let’s detail what the strobing makeup technique is and how it is done.

What are the differences between Strobing Makeup from Contours?

The biggest difference is that we can get the most natural result. The more professionally applied the contours, the more effective it is, the opposite causes a bad look, and in strobing, if you stick to a few products, you will not need a professional person.

Which products should be used to obtain a bright look in strobing makeup?

The keyword is creamy highlighter. Since the starting point of the trend is naturalness and it is important to stick to the texture of the skin, highlighter in creamy structure will give the most correct result instead of powdery structures.

How Should We Apply Strobing Makeup To Look Perfect On The Skin?

After using a peeling suitable for daily use, cleansing the skin from dead skin, cleaning with a cleanser suitable for the skin type, preparing the skin for makeup with a moisturizer suitable for the skin type is the most important point. The cleaner the skin, the cleaner the result. The strobing trend followed after contours.

What Will Be The Current After Strobing Makeup?

My guess is that eye makeup is getting more and more obvious now. For anyone who’s just used to penciling, buying a few different headlights and applying them together will be a new part of makeup routines. As we will see the headlights in nacreous and matte texture, especially in burgundy and red color.

What areas of the skin are added to shine while applying strobing makeup?

It will be correct to apply with reference to your face type (for example, highlight on long faces will show your face shape longer). In fact, just like the artist’s painting, we apply bright colors to every place we want to reveal on the canvas. You can use a creamy highlight on the under the eyebrows, cheekbones, on the lip, on the eyes, and on the nose without overdoing it.

Is Strobing Trend Used Only For Night Makeup?

The best part of strobing makeup trends is that it suits each other with all kinds of makeup applications. You can use it in your makeup day or night without overdoing it.

Effect of Luminous Foundation Preference

You should start with makeup as usual by applying the foundation first. In this way, the tone differences occurring in different parts of the skin are eliminated. If you think about what type of foundation should I prefer, let’s tell you immediately. With the foundation, you can achieve a bright and velvety finish. Another reason we recommend this foundation is that it never dries the skin. It is one of the most ideal foundation to use in this period when most of us complain of dry skin due to the cold weather.

Selection of Foundation Suitable for Combination and Oily Skin

Do you want your skin to look younger? We recommend using the anti-aging foundation that removes shadows on the skin and gives the skin a radiant youthful glow. It is possible to choose a foundation that brightens the skin with light, provides a smooth, radiant look for 12 hours, and a rich moisturizing effect for 24 hours.

Selection of Foundation Suitable for Dry, Matte and Lifeless Skin

The use of foundation suitable for dry, dull, and lifeless skin gives life light to the skin. The skin, which is illuminated with exquisite brightness, absorbs the light beautifully and reflects it back to provide a flawless appearance. It prevents the appearance of dull and exhausted skin. Reduces the clarity of large pores. You may be interested! (We Say Goodbye to the Face Pores – 15+)

Choosing A Foundation That Is Suitable For Normal, Combination And Dry Skin

For skin like satin; It is important to use a foundation that equalizes the skin tone, is fine, and reveals the radiance of the skin. Concealer can be adjusted. It moisturizes the skin and makes it brighter, softer, and smoother. When used daily, it improves the skin’s radiance and texture.

What is the Best Alternative for Those Who Don’t Like Foundation?

For colorful moisturizer lovers, it is a colorful moisturizer that provides a healthy glow to the skin while providing moisturization. When you do not want to use foundation, it grows as fast as you can. Because to use a moisturizer with close coverage to the middle; corrects imperfections, even skin tone. The skin looks livelier, healthier.

How Are Dark Circles Under The Eye Hidden?

Although dark circles formed under the eyes are our worry in summer and winter, they begin to catch our eyes in the winter months. That is why we have more hands-on products with high coverage. The under-eye concealer that we use to cover our under-eyes has excellent coverage and should be permanent throughout the day. Speaking of high concealing, do not think of a concealer that immediately gets under your eyes. It is necessary to choose and use under-eye concealer in bright winter makeup that looks as if it does not exist.

The Effect of Lighting Peak Points

The indispensable part of Strobing Makeup is, of course, enlightening, an indispensable part of this makeup. If you have a shining skin makeup target, you should definitely make room for the illuminator in your makeup. The pen form is very easy to use with its creamy structure and the effect is incredibly beautiful.

It gives a natural glow to the skin, which never has a silvery texture, and makes its mark on our strobing makeup. In addition to being an easy-to-carry product, you can easily apply it with the help of your fingertips, and when you apply this product to the areas that remain high on the face, on the lips, on the nose bone, and on the cheekbones, you will get perfect results. If you say I need such a product right now, you must have it too!

How to Add Color to Makeup!

In this makeup, light but effective bronzer should be applied to the cheeks. We accept the fact that our skin, which tanned in the summer and acquires a lighter skin color in the winter, needs some color, and we cannot do without a tan, especially in the winter. The Blush and Bronzer Palette is still a life-saving product that we do not fall out of our hands and that we often use in strobing makeup. You can add some color to your makeup by applying it to the areas that are high when you smile!

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