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How about saying goodbye to pores in the new year and getting a perfect skin look and a great skin makeup?

There is little time left to leave 2020 behind and “New Year’s resolutions” have started to take shape in our minds. How about adding the “pore appearance” that bothered us with the things we want to leave in 2020? To achieve perfect skin makeup and wonderful skin, we discovered a magic product and wanted to run here and share it with you!

Why do pores form?

The pores make the skin breathe. When the skin breathes well, it looks much healthier, vibrant, and radiant. But the enlarged pore appearance is never an image we want. So why do we encounter this enlarged pore appearance? When we do not breathe the points that our skin needs to breathe with makeup, and do not clean and care what it needs, our pores are expanding to breathe more and we encounter the image that we do not want.

Why Is It Important to Tighten the Pores?

When most of us look in the mirror, the first thing we see when examining our face is our pores. This makeup, which is as annoying as necessary without makeup, becomes even more enjoyable after applying the foundation. The enlarged pore appearance undoubtedly bothers us all. So how can we tighten pores? We found a great answer to this question!

What Happens When Your Pores Are Clogged?

When your pores become clogged, they become larger due to the substances that accumulate in them. This causes blackheads to form.

It becomes much more noticeable when your pores expand. This causes a very ugly look and a solution is needed to clean your skin thoroughly and open your pores.

Your daily skin cleansing routine will not work in such situations.

Solution Suggestions To Open Clogged Pores

  1. Herbal Facial Steam Application

Herbal Facial Vapor is one of the most effective methods you can use to open clogged pores. It allows you to open your pores and clean them deeply. If you skip this step, it will be very difficult for you to clean your pores and remove all the dirt that accumulates in them.

As stated in Facial Techniques and Their Effects on Cosmetology Learning (a Spanish study), steam opens your pores and makes your skin more sensitive.

  • You only need to apply steam to your face for five minutes.
  • You can add chamomile, lemon balm, or even lavender extract to the water you use to apply steam to your face.
  1. Hot Compress Application

Hot Compress helps them widen to properly clean pores.

After applying steam on your face for five minutes, you should clean your pores carefully. If the pores of a specific area such as the nose are not open enough, you can apply a hot compress to this area.

Soak a clean towel in the hot water you use, and squeeze it and apply it to the affected area for a few minutes. Then do the same with a napkin to clean any blackheads you may have.

  1. Clay Mask Application to Open Clogged Pores

The Clay Mask is the last remaining step after completing the first two. Clay masks make the skin smooth, clean, and renewed. However, you shouldn’t leave such masks on your face for too long; because if your skin is sensitive, it can irritate and damage it.

  1. Peel Your Face

Use a dry face brush. Dry brushing is a very old peeling technique that has gained popularity in recent years. Buy a soft-bristle face brush made from natural fibers. Make sure the brush you use is made specifically for face use because body brushes are extremely hard for sensitive facial skin. Use the following technique to exfoliate your face:

  • Start with a clean face. Use make-up remover, rinse your face and pat dry with a towel. Make sure that both face and brush are completely dry before brushing. This method will not work if your face is wet due to water or soap.
  • Gently brush your face by moving the brush in small circles. Focus on the dryest areas of your skin.
  • Be careful with the skin above and below your eyes because the skin in these areas is thin and sensitive.
  • When you finish brushing, rinse your face with cold water and apply moisturizer.

What is Microdermabrasion Application?

Try microdermabrasion. This treatment is done in beauty centers and requires the use of a chemical that removes the top layer and removes substances that have penetrated deep into the pores to thoroughly peel the skin. This treatment should be used rarely because it can damage your skin if used too often.

Skin Perfector

The first and most important step to tighten pores is to clean the skin regularly and correctly. Not to sleep with makeup and to not use products that will exhaust the skin. Considering that you have successfully performed this step, we will talk about a great product that you can use later and reduce the wide pore appearance when used regularly.

Skin Perfector cream is the enemy of large pores! This product, which we started using about a month ago, amazes us when we look at each mirror. The difference Skin Perfector makes on both our skin and makeup is truly amazing!

How to Use Skin Perfector?

We use Skin Perfector as a makeup base. When we apply on the cheek, nose edge, and forehead, where the pore appearance is intense, we instantly get a fuzzy and smooth appearance. So our foundation looks much smoother and our skin is officially like a baby.

Skin Perfector does not cause pores to expand as it does not clog pores and prevent skin from breathing. It also tightens large pores when used regularly and creates a noticeable change.

The structure of this miraculous cream with skin color is also soft. It spreads to the skin very easily, without being piecemeal. If you want to achieve a much more distinctive and long-lasting result, you can apply it with buffer movements like us.

You can use Skin Perfector as a make-up base during the day, or apply it as the last step of the skincare routine at night.

If you are looking for a makeup base that will hide your pores and make your skin smoother in your daily makeup, but also wants to tighten your wide pores, you should try Skin Perfector. Since we get a noticeable result, we recommend it with peace of mind. Especially useful for porcelain make-up suitable for the winter months!


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