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White eyeliner makeup, It’s time to try the white cat-eye eyeliner! This look gives your classic makeup a new identity. White eyeliner, which is one of the secret weapons of make-up artists. The new generation’s eye makeup looks as well as making the eyes look big.

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White eyeliner makeup

White eyeliner makeup, If you want to try different colors -especially white- for your eyeliner, it is a good idea to note the suggestions we have put together for you. So you can add vitality to yourself very easily.

White eyeliner trend

If you want to try white eyeliner makeup but want a risk-free effect instead of a very extraordinary and unusual look, white classic eyeliner may be for you.

Winged white eyeliner makeup trend

All steps in winged white eyeliner makeup, like black eyeliner. A perfect winged white eyeliner will give you a modern and different look.

White eyeliner fashion

White eyeliner fashion is a favorite of celebrities. Especially like celebrities who prefer to apply on simple, lightly shaded eye makeup, you can choose white eyeliner with light makeup. 

White eyeliner effect

If you prefer a thick-tipped and pigmentation-strong eyeliner you can get a much better result.

White eyeliner

White eyeliner can be used for a brighter image in your eyes. You can use it both at night and during the day. The only point to note is that you care to pull it finely because white is a bit hyperbolic color for eyeliners. 

How to apply white eyeliner?

To tear trough, to eyelash bottoms, to the eyelid as an eyeliner… No matter how you apply the white eyeliner, it will make you look brighter and fit.

How to use white eyeliner?

The primary use of white eyeliner is to actually make the eyes look bigger and brighter. You can add depth to your eyes by applying different types to your eyelids.

How to draw eyeliner easily?

If it is difficult to use white eyeliner, you can do the same with white eyeshadow. Apply white eyeshadow to your eyelid and complete your makeup with a fine black eyeliner. Here it is so easy! Your eyes will look great.

Types of white eyeliner makeup

There are so many types of white eyeliner. The most used of them is a pencil eyeliner. But you can complete your makeup with gel eyeliner or liquid eyeliner. It’s that easy! Your eyes will look great.

Liquid Use of White Eyeliner

Waterproof liquid white eyeliner is o good choice for a winged and fine line or identifies a line on the black eyeliner.

How to Apply White Gel Eyeliner?

For a gel white eyeliner, primarily you need to have an angular and fine brush. Through this brush, you can draw gel eyeliner easily. Try to bring the brush to the bottom of your eyelid. Create a line with smooth movements. In this way, you minimize the chance of making mistakes. Then short cross over and over the line you first created with the lines. Finally, starting to draw an eyeliner from the middle of your eyelids will always provide a more practical application.

How To Apply White Pencil Eyeliner?

Pencil white eyeliner is easier than gel eyeliner. Firstly, draw the eyeliner from the beginning of the lash line to the end. While trying to keep your eyes open. Then connect the line you draw on the outside with the middle of the eyelid. Fill in the line you merge. Take care not to move it.

Choosing the right pencil white eyeliner

You should choose a soft-tip pen for easy use. At the same time, choosing the pencil white eyeliners that unflowing all day long, will be the right choice.

Applying contrast eyeliner

Applying contrast eyeliner also called ‘double-colored eyeliner makeup’. Suppose you want to try white eyeliner but don’t want to give black eyeliner look. Then, we have a great suggestion: Use both at the same time and have a contrast eyeliner makeup.

How to achieve white eyeliner harmony with classic eyeliner?

Firstly, draw a thick eyeliner with a white pencil. Then, apply a fine winged black eyeliner to the eyelash bottoms. This black-white contrast makeup will make you have both a classic and unusual look.

Cat-eye white eyeliner

If you say ‘I am on new trends, I am not afraid to try it’, we have an ambitious white eyeliner style for you. What about trying the cat-eye eyeliner look with white color this time?

Cat-eye white eyeliner with pencil eyeliner

So how can you do cat eye white eyeliner? Very simple, firstly draw winged eyeliner. Then apply to your lower lash bottom and combine with the tail. If you make a mistake get help with makeup removal sticks.

White eyeliner for sexy eyes

If you like sexy eyes, you can draw a very thin white eyeliner on black eyeliner. This image will look nice and give your face a bright look.

White eyeliner advantages

White eyeliner makes the eyes brighter and more vivid. If you feel tired, this is reflected in your eyes immediately. So, white eyeliner is always a good idea to revive your image. The eye area looks fresh.

How to hide a sleepy look with makeup?

If you use white eyeliner by focusing on your tear troughs, you will witness that there are no traces of tired and sleepy eyes.

Combining white eyeliner with eyeshadows

If you do not want to use white eyeliner alone, you can try warm tone eyeshadows with eyeliner. You can add this suggestion to your Daily makeup and energy to your face.

Using white eyeliner with eyeshadows

A bright purple eyeshadow that you apply to the tear trough or lower lash bottom, will give you an extraordinary image and original look. You can use this on your daily makeup and look energetic.

2020 eyeliner trends

You can apply a light skin makeup and a soft blush. Turn your winged eyeliner into white and look modern. And complete your light makeup with a basic lip gloss.

New Trend: White Eyeliner

If you want to try crazy makeup trends, pass with a different colored eyeliner around the white eyeliner.

White Graphic Eyeliner

Graphic eyeliners are one of the most popular makeup trends recently. The white and graphic eyeliner gives a really nice effect together. You can get a much more stylish look by doing this trend with white eyeliner.

Innovative Makeup: White Eyeliner

White eyeliner is very trendy and extremely futuristic! White eyeliner will help you make innovative makeup.

Using White Eyeliner in Party Makeup

It can be a very suitable option especially for night and party makeup. When it is combined with bright colored eyeshadows such as purple or pink looks great!

White Eyeliner Trick on Lip

You can apply white eyeliner around your lips to make your lips look bigger and more prominent.

White Eyeliner For An Ambitious Makeup

White eyeliner is already ambitious. So it is useful to keep your skin makeup and even lip makeup light. You can use a peachy gloss on the lips. If you want a more assertive look, you can also choose a red or even maroon lipstick on your lips.

Harmony of Red Lipstick with White Eyeliner

When using white eyeliner at night, you can apply red lipstick. This will make you look both modern and beautiful.

White eyeliner to eyelash bottoms

Apply a white pencil eyeliner on your lashes and draw only black eyeliner to your eyes. You will not believe the effect of your eyes. You can make your makeup look more impressive by curling your lashes with an eyelash curler.

Colored makeup with white eyeliner

White eyeliner to be used with colored make-up can be applied intensely on the eyelid. You can do coloring later

Use of white eyeliner during the day

If you use white eyeliner during the day, it would be more correct to apply lipstick in skin tones.

Use of white eyeliner at night

If you are going to use white eyeliner makeup at night, you can apply it to your lower lashes and into your eyes.

White Eyeliner Makeup Techniques

If you draw a black eyeliner into your eyes, your eyes will look small, and if you draw a white eyeliner makeup, your eyes will look big. Even after you have drawn a pen into the eye, you can shadow your lower lashes with dark eye shadow and you will get a great dramatic effect on your eyes. This is also the secret of makeup artists.

Different techniques for white eyeliner makeup

If the white eyeliner is hard to use, you can do the same with the white eyeshadow. Apply white eyeshadow on your eyelid and complete your makeup with a very fine black eyeliner. It’s that easy! Your eyes will look great.

Things to watch out for in white eyeliner makeup

Your mascara should be applied very little in your make-up where you apply white eyeliner. Otherwise, your lashes will cut the eyeliner and a smooth look will not appear. Do not let your lips play a role in your makeup with white eyeliner. You can use lipsticks in nude tones.

How Do I Make White Eyeliner Myself?

You can choose a pencil eyeliner as well as liquid products for white eyeliner.

How to get white eyeliner?

You can get a white eyeliner by mixing white powder eyeshadow with some primer. You can apply pressure with your fingers to make the mixture homogeneous. Then you will need an eyeliner brush. With this brush, you can draw a thin, tailed eyeliner.

How to draw white eyeliner?

You can achieve a sharp result when you apply with a thin-tipped white eyeliner. Draw a straight line as if you want to align the rest of your lower eye line. Then combine this line with another line that will continue from your upper lash bottom. Fill the triangular space between these two lines and voila! You’ve already drawn your white eyeliner.

How to create sharp eyes with white eyeliner makeup?

You can apply it in the lower eyelid, starting from the middle and extending it to the point where it ends. Even you will not believe your sharp and clear looks in the mirror.

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